For the love of snowdrops

On this Valentine’s Day I dedicate this blogpost to the snowdrops. Who wouldn’t love these entrancing flowers?

Have you also found some spots in nature where carpets of snowdrops are blooming? Isn’t it an amazing view? Through the layers of autumn leaves they push their fragile heads to perk us up on a gloomy winter day.

These delicate flowers even survived the storm Ciara that has passed through our country last weekend. They are surprisingly strong although their swinging flower heads look so fragile.

Every time I pass these lovely pure and white blooming carpets, I always have to stand still and marvel in their beauty.

And I’m wondering how they can be so strong and even withstand the cold and snow.

“Welcome, welcome!” sang and sounded every ray, and the Flower lifted itself up over the snow into the brighter world. The Sunbeams caressed and kissed it, so that it opened altogether, white as snow, and ornamented with green stripes. It bent its head in joy and humility. “Beautiful Flower!” said the Sunbeams, “how graceful and delicate you are! You are the first, you are the only one! You are our love! You are the bell that rings out for summer, beautiful summer, over country and town. All the snow will melt; the cold winds will be driven away; we shall rule; all will become green, and then you will have companions, syringas, laburnums, and roses; but you the first, so graceful, so delicate!” Extract from ‘The Snowdrop’ by H.C. Anderson

I really love this passage! Snowdrops look so fairylike. They deserve their own fairytale. Although I can’t write fairytales, I’ll hope you can imagine your own story with these pictures…

Have you ever heard of the word “Galanthophile”? That’s a lover of snowdrops, of course, and although I know there are enthusiasts for just about every flower under the sun, I never realized that there are people who would class themselves as Galanthophiles!

I’m not sure yet if I would define myself in this category… probably not as I’m not that fascinated by them as I should be as a Galanthophile!

My favourite spot of snowdrops lately. I’ve made a little bouquet with these first flowers to remind me spring is coming!

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