Frames and boxes

‘Herbal Apothecary’

This antique metal box is filled with herbal plants and flowers, hand modelled in porcelain. All these species have a beneficial effect on our health. Tiny glass bottles are filled with dried herbs and a little piece of beeswax from our beehive is in the centre of this unique box.

‘Autumn Treasures’

This antique metal box is filled with all kinds of treasures which are to be found during the beautiful season of autumn. Mushrooms, oak leaves, nuts and seedpods. Tiny beetles with golden dots are also part of this enchanting forest collection.

A real piece of moss is at the centre in a porcelain box and a glass bottle is filled with real seeds. Autumn is, after all, the time to gather and collect.

‘Galanthus nivalis’, a golden frame with different botanical parts of the delicate snowdrop.

‘The Wild Rose’

A golden frame with botanical parts of Rosa canina. It’s a blooming shrub at the end of spring and is covered with scented flowers with soft pink petals. In autumn, the rosehips appear and it’s like it’s decorated with vivid red jewels.

‘Spring Hedgerow’

Typical spring flowers which are found in the hedgerow are cuckoo flower, primula, violet and bluebell.