Garden days

I would love to invite you for a little round in my garden… It has been a while since I’ve been writing about it and much has happened and grown these days.

Although we have had 2 exceptional dry months with barely rain, I’m glad the plants and veggies are growing well. Luckily we have rain water storage so we could water them otherwise it wouldn’t be as green as it’s now. Still, I noticed several plants have been suffering from the drought. And the hot summer months yet have to come…

But the last the 2 days we got finally rain! What a blessing!

This is a part of our veggie garden with blooming valerian in the front. The strawberries are temporarily covered with a net as the many birds in our garden like them too!

A decorative new wall around a part of a veggie patch in the back of our garden I’ve been building (with assistance of my husband!) with old tiles. Last summer my husband found an old rainwater well close to our house. It was completely filled with rubble. He has removed everything but we’ve kept these tiles. Now the rainwater well is in use again and we’ve recycled these tiles!

The peas are blooming and growing… soon they’ll be on our plates!

A row of beans are germinating. I’m always astonished about their quick and abundant growth.

The patch for the leaf crops with red chard, spinach and arugula. And of course a lot of flowers. In between the rows I’ve added grass mulch to keep the soil protected.

The beautiful and airy leaves of fennel, accompanied by garlic, onions, carrots, parsnip and flowers.

These are the seedlings of purple Brussels sprouts, protected with branches against cats. I’ll soon move them to their eventual place once they are big and strong enough. It’s always a struggle to grow cabbages in my garden so I hope this year we will have more than 1 sprout each on our plates!

In the herb garden I’ve been collecting a lot of herbs to dry. I store them in brown bags and will use them to make my own herbal teas.

I love mint and daily drink a cup of mint tea. I also add it to my water bottle and enjoy the fresh flavour. It’s a taste I never get bored of! Do you also love this refreshing herb?

And of course I couldn’t resist harvesting elderflower! We all love elderflower syrup so I have to make enough to get through the summer.

It’s a delight to harvest these lacy and sweet scented flowers. It feels like I’m lost in a fairytale for a moment!

We’ve already enjoyed our first strawberries! For me, it’s the unofficial beginning of summer once I’ve tasted these red sweeties.

The wild strawberries taste quite different from the usual strawberries but I really love these tiny sweets. The red currants are changing colour and look so bright between the greenery.

A handful of happiness and summer!

The prunes and apples are growing too, although it will take some more months before we finally can taste them. Isn’t it a miracle how in the garden everything has it’s own time and as gardeners we can only follow the garden rhythm. There’s nothing we can do or add to change it, only taking care of it the best we can, with respect for the earth, plants and animals.

We garden organically and it’s so beautiful to see how everything works together in the garden! I wished we, as a society, could learn from it and do the same.

This willow gate connects the veggie garden with the flower garden.

Blooming valerian, peonies and jasmine in white shades make a lovely contrast with the greenery.

The beautiful flower ‘Love in a mist’. How I love this flower who slowly takes in all the empty places and add a subtle beauty to the flower beds. I have them in bleu, white and pink and they are such easy flowers with adorable seedpods afterwards.

Unfolding petals in shades of pink: a rose, the purple corncockle, aquilegia and a poppy.

In the evening, when the sun sets, the garden is covered with a golden glow and the honeysuckle (covering the bow above the tree bench) fills the air with a sweet perfume. I love this moment when everything is at rest and the day is at its’ end.

The golden hour… which is such an enchanting moment to enjoy in the garden.

I wish you calm June days filled with sunshine, warmth, joy, buzzing bees and blooming flowers!

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