garden plans

A quiet afternoon… it’s cold and rainy outside. Not the spring weather I was hoping for! Instead of being outside and working in our garden, I thought it was a good time to continue making plans for our vegetable garden. Reading a lot about combining vegetables to get an ecological balance. I’m writing down everything in my garden book so I won’t forget it and to have an overview. There’s so much to learn about gardening! I’m also planning to make a little patch with perennial edible plants and combine them with flowers.

t1 t3 t2

I’ve already been sowing lots of veggies outside but some are waiting inside until it’s warmer. So I took care of these tiny zucchini, pumpkin and cucumber plants. They love the warmth and the sunshine on our kitchen windowsill. Isn’t it amazing how from this little seed a big zucchini plant grows, providing us with lots of tasty zucchinis?!

t10 t9 t4 t5


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