golden flowers and flying bees

The coming week it’s the Flemish week of the bee. As we have our own beehive and my husband is a beekeeper, I can’t resist writing about these amazing hardworking insects. A world without bees wouldn’t last long and they are really in danger!

Our beehive is placed in the nature reserve where the bees find a diversity of flowers and plants. And of course they are close to our garden, with a lot of flowers too. When I see a humming bee while working in the garden, I always hope it’s one of ours. We try to plant as many bee and butterfly friendly plants as possible. Many vegetables and herbs of the garden also contains lots of pollen. Let’s hope it’s enough to keep them in good health and alive!

The nature reserve now looks like a golden field! It’s so beautiful, especially when the sun sets and daylight is fading. It looks as golden as honey!

Last week I read a beautiful novel; de bijenkoningin (the bee queen) by Cristina Caboni. I would love to share some fragments about bees with you. She writes in such a poetic and truthful way about them. I’ll try to translate the parts as good as possible.

“But you haven’t understand yet that there’s a philosophy behind the beehive; you live by sharing. That will make you stronger.”

“For her, the bees were the mirror of the places where they were part of and took care of. They collected pollen and nectar, and gave it back as honey. They assured themselves that every flower will produce fruit. And even at the moment when they are dying, they are useful for the community as their death was a signal of disbalance, and, ever more of pollution. They are sentinels, sentinels of the environment.”

“They are all equal, they are all equally important. But the queen is the most important, isn’t she? No, she isn’t. Without the bees the queen wouldn’t survive for 3 hours. They warm her when she has cold, they cool her down, they let her drink and feed her. They are always with her. Who knows what they are talking about.¬†The little girl follows the bee queen and her nursing bees and smiles. ‘And what does the bee queen for the beehive?’ … The queen is laying eggs. From these eggs new bees and dog bees, and even more queens are born. That’s why de bees and the queen are equal, that is called equality…. It applies to everyone who understand the importance of bees. And other people… Well, everyone who thinks that he is more than someone else, or better, that person is wrong.”

“Honey makes everything easier. Honey is good for the tongue, but also for the mind, you really must remember this, Angelica. Honey makes things sweet without dominating, ¬†honey is a flavour enhancer, and when you add oil or salt, it loses a couple of characteristics, but other will take in their place. Than it becomes particularly aromatic and a valuable friend in the kitchen.”

When you see these wonderful insects, please be friendly for them because we really need them and they don’t harm us at all. On the contrary, they are very generous, hardworking and fill the air with the scent of honey and a sweet humming sound!

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