Golden October days

These golden October days are slowly coming to an end and this month has been so generous with beauty and autumn delights. So I hope you’re ready for a golden and warmly colored blogpost…

Misty and crispy mornings when the world looks like a dreamy fairytale. I’ve been hugely enjoying my morning runs and one day I was treated by this wonderful view on our little village.

It looks like everything has this warm golden glow although I’m surprised by how green the garden still looks in comparison with last year. I suppose it has to do with the drought of last year. This summer has been quite wet so there’s a lot of green which makes me happy. Still, autumn is definitely here and the leaves are changing colors in the most subtle ways.

Even when the days shorten, much is happening in nature and the garden. One can feel the urge to clean up, to cut all the withered flowers, to rake the beds tidy and make the garden ‘autumn proof’. But what if we try to just leave it as it is. Trying to do as little as possible. Trying to see autumn in the garden as autumn in one’s life. One gets older and only the necessary tings need to be done. Time to relax and just marvel in the beauty of autumn!

Have you ever noticed how much life there still is in the garden? Birds will pass by and eat berries, the bees are on the lookout for a hibernating place in the dried flower stems (especially the hollow ones) and the hedgehog is looking for a safe shelter under a pile of fallen leaves in the corner on the garden.

The japanese anemones, persicaria and verbena are still in bloom and add some colourful dots in the garden which match perfectly with the dried flowers and seedpods of the blue thistles, eupartorium and digitalis.

Even on these last October days I try to spend as much time outside as possible. Like for example collecting seeds from the dried flowers and vegetables which now have withered and can be saved for next spring.

Or I make a wreath with dried ferns, hydrangea and some yellow yarrow I dried during summer so the color would remain vivid. This autumn inspired wreath is hanging at my studio and I enjoy it daily! It’s a perfect way to connect with the seasons.

On some days I just enjoy the beautiful warm colors and seasonal shift in the garden. I collect some branches with golden leaves, grasses, dried wildflowers and seedpods to make an autumn bouquet to bring autumn inside our home and in my studio.

‘I loved autumn, the season of the year that God seems to have put there just for the beauty of it.’ Quote by Lee Maynard

Some days I’m surprised by all the mushrooms that grow in our garden, such diversity in color, shape and textures! It’s a wonderful world and unfortunately I don’t know so much about them but they are always a source of inspiration for my work!

Even the veggie garden still looks green in this morning light. I’ve already covered some parts of the beds with mulch, a kind of warm blanket to protect the soil for the coming cold winter weather.

Beautiful pink-red hues of red beets, they are ready to roast in the oven with other root vegetables from the garden, such as parsnip and sweet potatoes. And I also love making a delicious chocolate cake with them.

The vivid green leaves of lamb’s lettuce are growing everywhere as they have easily sown themselves in the garden.

Rows of palm cabbage, red kale and yellow turnips, perfect and nourishing autumn food! And the colourful chard has been growing abundantly this year.

These golden autumn days are inviting us to savour as much sun as possible before winter is coming. Autumn is a wonderful season that gifts us so many treasures.

This combination of golden leaves, seedpods and dried flowers make a lovely bouquet to decorate the table with.

Whenever I can, I sit outside on the terrace of my studio with a cup of hot tea and sometimes a homemade pie, like this pumpkin cake with a crust of seeds, oatmeal and honey. Just a calm moment to slow down and recharge!

In this warm afternoon sunlight I take the time to write, sketch new ideas and plan my creative work.

‘In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.’ Quote by A. Smith

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