Last week I’ve been picking some willow and hazel branches and treated them with love and warmth in our home. Now they treat me with fresh green leaves and blooming willow catkins! It feels like spring has arrived! But only inside, because when I look outside the window it’s gray and rainy. These vivid green leaves and happy catkins brighten my days!

Having greenery in the house is such a luxury and balm for the soul. I love rearranging the plants inside and making cosy green corners. My plant cuttings are doing well and will soon be planted out to root in the soil. I always have greenery and nature treasuries on our table, according to the seasons. It’s amazing there’s always beauty to find in the garden and nature when one looks carefully. For now there are lot of white flowers on the table and I like their calmness and purity. On the other hand I’m really looking forward to the first flowers and blossoms in our garden!

“The colors of spring emerge with the first sweet sounds of songbirds

to fill our winter weary souls; bringing hope, new beginnings and inspiration.”              

                                  Author unknown

This avocado plant keeps on growing towards the light. He likes this spot, I suppose. As long as there’s light and warmth he doesn’t mind the raindrops at all!

Do you have a favorite plant in your house?

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