Honey-sweet and golden days

“At last came the golden month of the wild folk – honey-sweet May, when the birds come back, and the flowers come out, and the air is full of the sunrise scents and songs of the dawning year.” Samuel Scoville Jr.

These first days of May have been golden indeed. Endless sunny days with a new colourful painting at every sunset. Blooming flowers and this golden field of buttercups we have been enjoying everyday from our garden. The nature reserve boarding to our garden really deserves a golden medal for its astonishing beauty!

This month is also filled with the promise of sweet honey! Buzzing bees all around… Our bees are hard at work. My husband has been spending quite some time at his beehives these days. As you can see in the picture below there is missing a fourth beehive but it is closely moving closer to this new place which has more sunlight. If one would just place the beehive suddenly at a new spot, the bees can’t orientate anymore and wouldn’t find their way back to the beehive.

One day my husband came home with some honeycomb that needed to be removed. It’s amazing and not less than a miracle how these tiny bees build such perfectly shaped honeycombs.

If you look closely at the right you can spot the tiny white curled larva in the open cocoons.

A single bee, looking so fragile and yet such a hardworking creature.

On these honeycombs we could watch the bees (only drones) coming out. I’d never thought it would go this quickly. Here you can see some bees in different stages trying to get out their safe cocoon.

If you would like to see it with your own eyes, you can watch it in this little video.

I’ve spend a lot of time outside in the garden on these beautiful days. Together with my youngest daughter I’ve been harvesting elderflower blossoms. It’s an annual tradition to harvest a basket full and make elderflower syrup. This little outing was a perfect interruption of all the schoolwork she has to do during this lockdown.

A honey-sweet and golden drink for the summer days to come!

Beside all these seasonal activities outside I also try to work in my studio once in a while. I’m still working on new glass domes. Here I’m making yellow chamomile, a flower known for its dye to color fabrics. This new glass dome will be filled with different dye plants, made in porcelain. An exciting and interesting challenge to make!

And a May day wouldn’t be complete without picking some of these bright flowers to put into a bouquet for our home.

A tiny treasure from nature that caught my eye: this little snail found a most comfortable place to stay! It looks like these cute snail has almost the same color as the buttercup and only his stripes makes him visible…

May your May days be golden and honey-sweet too!

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