in my atelier

The last week I’ve been working on some new jewelry and porcelain labels. I wanted to have them fired before the Easter holiday starts and our girls will be at home.

Once when the first baking at 950°C is finished, I glaze every single piece. For me, that’s the most boring part of being a ceramicist! Yes, even this profession has tedious aspects. Covering everything with a white layer of glaze feels like all my work of putting layers of colors are becoming invisible at once. But the beauty of it is the surprise once I’ve opened my kiln and see the effect of these colored layers! That will be for another blogpost in the coming weeks… Until then you might guess which colors are used underneath this white glaze layer!!!

Sculpting new rings with engraved natural drawings, inspired by all the budding flowers and leaves in the garden. Each ring is sculpted from a piece of porcelain until is has it’s final shape. Afterwards I add the flowers, leaves or decorations. Unfortunately a ring can break during the working process. It’s always painful as I’ve put so much work in it so far. A little push too hard can be determinative and be the end of this ring.

Choosing and mixing colors is one of the favorite parts of my job! I’m enjoying the little porcelain color book I made some time ago. It’s really practical and useful. In the end, these jewelry also needed to be glazed.

I will soon be back to show you the finished jewelry!

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