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This February month has been filled with exceptional sunny days and blue skies, cold mornings and springlike temperatures during the day. What a wonderful way to end the winter season (if one doesn’t think about the climate change by which this month presumably was affected). ┬áHaving these kind of days makes every gardener longing to get their hands dirty and work enthusiastic in the garden. But it can still freeze so I hold myself and just remove the mulch of the vegetable beds and add our compost to some of the beds. I’ve been loosening the soil; I don’t dig as this destroyed the valuable top layer of the soil. I prefer to let the earthworms do the work!

These beds in our vegetable garden are waiting to get ready to sow. The past days you could find me here; removing weeds and preparing the beds for the sowing season.

Dreaming of how it will look like in summer… ( a sun kissed picture of our veggie garden last year)

Sunshine on the lovely hellebores flowers… enjoying the beginning of a fresh new season: Spring!

Finally… tiny bits of green leaves! The hawthorn hedge around my vegetable garden is unfolding its leaves. Oh, how I love the hawthorn with its beautiful flowers, medicinal and healing benefits for the heart, a perfect hiding place for the birds and red berries in autumn.

The honey berry has already blooming flowers that will soon grow into tiny blue berries. The first fresh fruit from our garden to taste!

The grass is getting greener and little daisies are blooming. It makes me smile to see these tiny flowers blooming so bravely, like little suns!

The honeysuckle has been having green leaves all winter but is producing many more leaves now. And soon the delicate yellow flowers will fill the air with their heavenly scent! Bright flowers and fresh green leaves, what a delight after grey and dark winter days!

These winter days were the perfect days to make plans for the garden. When everything is at rest and the structures of the garden are clear, it’s useful to think about necessary changes. I’ve been reading about permaculture and the amazing gardens by Piet Oudolf. Getting inspired, I made some new plans and lists of flowers and plants we are going to buy as soon it’s warm enough to plant.

Drawing and colouring plans to integrate the principles of permaculture in our garden. Because of the extreme drought of last summer, we lost many plants, mostly ground covers. I now need to replant some areas and would like to add more layers and guilds around our fruit trees. A lot of research, reading and thinking and in the end making the final plans. These guilds are groups of plants and flowers that have specific qualities that work together and have a positive and beneficial effect on each other.

In this part of our garden we have been working during the winter. The left part in the back was filled with remains of trees and branches and is now cleaned up. The little hill of branches will be covered with soil and filled with plants, inspired by Hugelkultur.

Around the cherry tree and willow in this new bed edged with cobblestones, we will plant small fruit bushes and forest strawberries as ground covers. And in between flowers of course!

In the cold frame some salad of last year survived and is growing bigger now. The spinach also started to grow, as well as the poppies that have been sowing out last summer. In the other picture you can see the first green sprouts of the garlic I planted in December. It’s something we almost daily eat so I have to plant a lot of them to have enough all year round.

Today I’ve been sowing the first seeds of this year; broad beans. It’s the first time I sow these beans and I’m curious to see how they will grow and taste!

Having you also been making plans for your garden or maybe you want to try out some new seeds? I wish you a good start in the garden and may you enjoy the pleasure of being outside!

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