Being surrounded by so much beauty in flowers and blossoms, it naturally has an effect on my work. And I’m happy with it as inspiration can’t be forced and has to have its natural way. The last weeks I’m working on new collection of porcelain jewellery, called “Botanical stories”. I thought it would be nice to show you how nature and in particularly flowers are the source of my inspiration and find their way to my porcelain creations.

Blossoms of our prune tree…

…. golden buttercups and strawberry flowers make a lovely combination on this porcelain brooch.

Blooming apple blossoms with their delicate petals in lovely shades of pink with fresh green leaves….

…. make a delicate pair of porcelain earrings.

Blossoming prunus petals….

…. and wild honeysuckle with cow parsley

…. are combined on this porcelain brooch with happy spring colors.

Within some weeks I will bake everything and hope to show you the final and finished results!

You still have some days left to benefit from the free shipping on earrings in my Etsy shop… so if there’s something you would like to order, pop in and take a look!





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