just the two of us on the road

Unfortunately our family holiday is almost over. We can look back on a wonderful and relaxing time together as a family. It’s so good to live almost all day outside and have a more relaxed and slow rhythm. My husband and I started the holiday with a weekend in Delft, in the Netherlands. Delft is a beautiful and historical city and well known for its ceramics. I had a ceramic market for 2 days and we both enjoyed the atmosphere and contact with other ceramicists.


A lot of bikes in every color of the rainbow. They look even more colorful with flowers!



Delft is known for its “Delfts blue”. These windows looked so pretty in the typical blue-white colors.


I found this amazing cafe annex shop where they had original, delicious and healthy food. And I loved the interior of this shop too, so I was a regular visitor!


A little humblebee was at work too. He came back regularly to visit the flowers at my stand at the market.


A lot of water and little canals. We even had a drink in the evening on a terrace boat. It was a lovely place!

Being back home and traveling again. This time we made a 3-days tour with our motorcycle.

Our final destination was Luxembourg. But we took the time and drove on small roads through beautiful landscapes.¬†That’s why one travels by motorcycle isn’t it?!

P1370525P1370643 P1370568 P1370563

Happy colors in a cosy street and beautiful light in a church building.

P1370528 P1370580

Some old windows and facades I like. And the two of us, unfortunately this cosy space was closed. We could have enjoyed our coffee and tea in this tiny pretty cafe, if they would have been open!

P1370543P1370558 P1370551

It’s time to rest and enjoy the calmness and freshness of the water of this pretty river. What a luxury to refresh my feet on these warm days.


P1370653P1370654 P1370707

We saw some beautiful and old castles! Don’t they look impressive?

P1370588P1370591P1370613P1370630 P1370594

Our first B&B with a beautiful garden and amazing view when the sun went down.

P1370681 P1370682 P1370674 P1370675

Our next B&B was in a small and enchanting grocery shop. It almost looked like we were in the world of Amelie Poulain. Everything was beautifully displayed and they had a lot of organic products. We enjoyed our breakfast in this colorful place where pretty old treasuries decorated the windowsills.

P1370690 P1370696 P1370740P1370703P1370735

We have seen such amazing wide views and really enjoyed all the green and openness. Luxembourg is definitely a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes!

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