late summer gardening

It is a lovely September day, with sun and a cloudy sky. Let me take you into my garden, as it is a while ago since I’ve been writing about it.

An overview of the right part of our veggie garden. There’s still so much to harvest and the veggies are growing fine now it’s not so hot anymore. I can feel autumn is on its way!

Autumn colors are subtly taking over the green shades in the veggie garden. Although the blue-green color of the palm cabbage keep their special hues. The sprouts and broccoli are growing fine too.  I leave the lovely red colored seeds of orache to spread themselves for next year. Yes, sometimes I’m a lazy gardener! If nature can do it, why would it need my help?! The sunflowers and marigolds add happiness and bright color to it!

Rainy autumn weather was predicted so I harvested the last potatoes. Unfortunately the potatoes weren’t as much and as big as last year, still they are very tasteful!

Fennel in full bloom. I love to use these flowers in my weekly bouquets. And the bees love them too! Parsnip is growing well and within some weeks I can finally use them to make dinner. For me it’s a typical autumn and winter veggie I like very much. I still harvest small green beans, we have them on our plate every week (don’t ask our girls what they think about this!). I have wecked a big amount of them and it will be a luxury treat to eat them on a winter day.

Still enough zucchinnis for the coming weeks. During summer they didn’t grow very well, probably because of the draught. I really hope these tiny ones will grow big enough to be filled with ricotta cheese and herbs, to make soup of, to make cake with, … .

I’ve been sowing kohlrabi and their little green heads are coming out now. The colored (purple, green and yellow) beans are still making new flowers and producing delicate beans.

Lots of different kind of tomatoes; sweet yellow cherry tomatoes, red-purple tomatoes, red coeur de boeuf and these black little tomatoes. Cooking them with onions, garlic, rosemary and thyme in olive oil makes a very summery delicious sauce!

One of my favourite and happy flowers! I couldn’t live without them in the garden. Within some days my husband an I are 15 years happily married. I had these amazing flowers in my wedding bouquet and in my hair, so they will always have a special place in my heart (and garden!).

Yellow autumn raspberries and blackberries to use in our daily smoothies, in desserts or homebaked pies. What a delicious and various treats nature produces; day after day, season in and season out!

Flowers in bloom and giving the best of themselves for a last flowery firework!

I feel really blessed with this little piece of paradise on earth, because that’s what it is to me! It’s hard working to take care of a garden but in return I get so much; delicious harvest, the joy of watching plants grow, rest and peace from gardening and beauty as a result!

I hope that wherever you live, you will enjoy the greenery and flowers around you. That they may fill you with gratitude and joy, especially now when the shorter and darker days are on their way!

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