Little joys of April

“April comes with sudden showers,

chilling winds and sunny hours.

April comes with growing green

on the trees still winter-lean.”

April is really revealing all kind of greens! Everything looks so fresh and alive again after a bare and long winter. It’s finally time to harvest the first flowers and tiny herbal leaves to brew my daily cups of tea. I’ve been collecting the first daisies, lemon balm, nettle, blackcurrant and raspberry leaves. What a joyful delight to drink these healthy and delicious herbal teas!

As the hawthorn will bloom soon, I’ve also collected a basket full of hawthorn leaves to dry. They are well known to strengthen the heart. And who couldn’t use a dose of this heart-strengthening herb these days?!

After these sudden showers, sunny hours and even a white carpet of late snow, everything is germinating in the veggie garden. What a wonderful sight and it really fills me daily with joy!

Soon we can eat the first rhubarb and I’m sure I will celebrate the first harvest with a rhubarb pie! I love this little corner in my veggie garden where the rhubarb is now surrounded by wildflowers like cow parsley which finally found the right spot to grow here! And I like the little carpets of speedwell with its delicate blue flowers as well. It’s a miracle to see what happens when nature take its course. So many surprises (and joy) to be found in the garden! I couldn’t imagine this combination but it will look beautiful once the cow parsley will bloom, I’m sure! Nature knows best, doesn’t it?!

The first sprouts of garden orache, calendula and poppies… and probably other surprises too! And the cold frame is now completely filled with blooming purslane. Small islands of green with the most tiny white flowers!

This chive will bloom soon with lovely purple flowers. And in this bed of the veggie garden you can already see the stems of garlic and onions, growing proudly and withstanding the erratic April weather. In between I’ve sown the first carrots, fennel and red beets.

Not everything can be sown straight in the garden yet so I’ve been enjoying filling tiny pots with soil and seeds. It’s always a miracle when a seed germinates, isn’t it?! It fills me with utter joy and wonder! Do you feel the same? Isn’t it amazing how a little seed contains everything to grow into a beautiful flower or vegetable?

It’s the first time I’m pre-sowing my flowers in pots. Normally I wait until I can sow straight in the flower beds but often the seeds don’t germinate or the snails were really hungry!

I was quite inspired by the beautiful book “In Bloom” by Clare Nolan. So I’m going to give it a try! As a gardener I like to try something new every year. And as I can’t live without flowers, I would love to have some more species and varieties in my garden.

Tiny green sprouts of zinnia’s and hollyhocks. And germinating lathyrus seeds. I’ve also bought some flower bulbs to plant the coming weeks. Hopefully they will eventually bloom into dahlia’s, ranunculus and ixias…

Although I have to wait some months before these seeds will flower, the garden already holds a promise of flowers which will bloom soon. Like these lovely akebia quinata and lilacs. I’m so looking forward to smell the lilacs again!

And it’s really blossoming time now! Our prune trees are in full bloom, and the cherry trees are slowly unfolding their blossoms too. What a pure delight!

Maybe this is one of “our” bees… When it’s warm enough they fly out to collect pollen and nectar. Last week I’ve put on the beekeeper’s suit for the first time to help checking our beehives. It was wonderful to see how hard they work together. And all our beehives have survived the winter which is a great blessing!

And some blossoming flower loveliness to bring inside our home. Our dining table is now decorated with all kind of tiny vases filled with spring flowers from the garden. It’s like a tiny garden inside and it fills me every morning with joy and hope, even on a darker day.

I hope you will enjoy time spending time in your garden (or nature) and watching tiny seeds grow! May it also fills you with joy and wonder!

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