making ceramic tiles

Recently we have redecorated our bathroom. It has become a calm, rustic and green place. We have added a lot of natural materials such as a dried tree branch where the porcelain lighting I’ve made is hanging on. We also decided I would make the tiles to place behind the sink.

It has become a fun project to work on! I wanted to keep the tiles natural and made some kind of ceramic herbarium. I thought you would like to see the working process, so here we go…

It all starts with drawing and making a composition with different sizes of tiles. I wanted them to go from low to higher and back to low, as our cabinets are also hanging on different heights. It gives the wall a more playful look.Rolling the clay into plates and cutting out the tiles. I marked them at the back to  easily put them in the right place against the wall in the bathroom.Collecting flowers and weeds in the garden and nature reserve. For this kind of herbarium tiles I thought it would be appropriate to use the flowers that grow nearby. In the end I printed their names along the stems. So when we are brushing our teeth we can practice the names with the corresponding flowers!Do you recognize some of these flowers in your garden or in the fields nearby? Making a composition with the flowers. Looking for the right balance between white space, shape and texture. But I think I managed! Carefully cutting the tiles into their final size. Of course I had to have in mind there will be space left between them and the stems needed to logically run through the different tiles.Making the edges round and soft with a tiny sponge. Now they have a softer look and are almost finished. The hardest part is done! Time for some color! The flowers are coloured in different shades of green, blue and mustard yellow. I tried to imitate their original color but used a little imagination too.Now it’s waiting until my kiln if fun enough to fire. Within some weeks I can show you the end result. I’m curious how they will finally look… and I guess you might too!

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