making my own tea blend

It’s a grey, rainy and stormy day and it’s like it doesn’t really get light these days. It’s surely the most short and gloomy periode of the year. I miss the colors, the greenery and the happiness it brings me. I’m counting the days until Spring but as I know it will take a long winter first I’m just happy with the remembrance of the summer days I had. And I still have my pictures… like this one with vivid coloured flower petals and fresh green herbs.

I’ve harvested them on a bright summer day, knowing I will need them in winter. Not only as a visual reminder that summer will come again but also because of their healing benefit in my daily cups of tea!

I collected mallow, lady’s mantle, pink yarrow, golden poppy, cornflower and other herbs in the garden.

After weeks of drying I stored them in brown bags in a dark and dry place. On this rainy day I finally took the time to mix them. There wasn’t much left from my homemade tea from last year and it’s difficult to find organic herbal loose tea I like (I might be a little picky!!!). Although I recently bought a herbal tea that provides the body with iron. I came across it in an abbey I visited with my family last weekend. They made this blend with organically grown herbs from the abbey herb garden. It has a strong taste but I like the contrast with the more soft herbal teas I usually drink.

Dried nettle and elderflower, at the background there’s peppermint, yarrow and marigold.

Some encyclopedia helped me with the research for mixing the right herbs and flowers together. I ended up with 2 blends; I named them a Lady’s tea and a Summer flower tea.

The Lady’s tea is made of yarrow, hawthorn blossoms, camomille, mint, nettle, cornflower and golden poppy.

And the Summer flower tea is made of elderflower, blackberry leaves, peppermint, cornflower, marigold, mallow and nettle. I really love the bright color of the cornflower in the tea!

Of course the teas need to be labelled. It’s a fun thing to do and I think my porcelain tags look beautiful on these glass jars. The tags have a leaf or flower imprint and on the backside I write the name of the tea.

A collection of homemade tea blends and some flowers that are left over to make a pure tisane and use them for their specific benefit. A wrapped package with my tea to send to a dear one.

This has become a rather long tea blogpost and I hope you don’t mind. But as a tea lover it’s a luxury to make my own tea, freshly harvested from the garden. I would love to hear if some of you have ideas about other herbal tea combinations!

And now, I’m going to make a little walk, even when it rains, to absorb some (grey) daylight and look for some color! When I come back, I will make myself a cup of tea to warm my hands. May your days be filled with warmth, the scent of a good cup of tea and happiness!

“Come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”


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