market days

Last weekend I had the most quiet market days ever! It was quite¬†disappointing and time passes really slowly. A few people came by now and then. Happily my stand was placed in a beautiful ancient place with old windows and vaulted ceilings. So here are some impressions…

p1420672 p1420183 p1420150 p1420151 p1420240

I had made porcelain tea light holders and they were burning bright and sparkling, giving the room a warm and cosy atmoshphere.

p1420207 p1420208 p1420199

p1420319 p1420316

Together with the other few exhibitors we made the best of it and I enjoyed our little talks, a bowl of homemade soup and a cup of hot chocolate to keep myself warm. They had a real good kitchen!

It was my last market for this year. Now I’m going to take it slow for some days ¬†and do some garden work, if the weather allows me to. It will do me well to spend time outside after working in my studio for a long time to get everything finished for this market.


I’ve been updating my Etsy shop and Markita with new jewelry. If you’re still looking for a special and unique gift, you might want to pop in and take a look…

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