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The loveliest month of summer is almost gone. August has gone by quickly, too quickly. We so much enjoyed our summer days!

No alarm clock in the mornings, having breakfast outside in the morning sun, working in the garden, harvesting berries and veggies, drying flowers and leaves for homemade tea, lazy afternoon reading in the shade, watching the sun going down, dinner with only homegrown ingredients, glasses of freshly made berry syrup with cold water, evening mint tea, happy talks with friends, making jam, my laundry drying in the warm wind and sunshine, playing with the girls, trying not to have to-do lists in my head, bare feet in the grass, having temporary tattoos of Anna Emilia Laitinen on my ankle and arms, running in the freshness of the morning surrounded by nature, listening to the sound of the orchestra of grasshoppers in the evening, …

tumblr_nmmrmytkny1tlge36o1_500 Schermafbeelding 2016-08-14 om 17.03.13 6a00d8345173f569e201b8d0f4e0ad970c-500wi tumblr_n9sr0dKXPH1r5et7oo1_1280

“Buttercup nodded and said good-bye,

clover and daisy went off together, 

but the fragrant water lilies lie

yet moored in the golden August weather.

The swallows chatter about their flight.

the cricket chirps like a rare good fellow,

the asters twinkle in clusters bright,

while the corn grows ripe and the apple mellow.”

   by Celia Thaxter (1835-1894)


6193ab95b72381ea43b238d5d0c87a89 static1.squarespace tumblr_lhqiiwQ2Hd1qexqh2o1_400 Schermafbeelding 2016-08-14 om 17.10.50

I don’t own any rights on these pictures. I collected them on Pinterest.

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