monthly inspiration March

March… the month of spring. Although we got  snow 2 weeks ago, I really hope spring is coming soon now. I already noticed fresh green leaves at our raspberries and other plants. The weeds are coming up too.  How pretty look the dandelions with their happy yellow heads. Most of the first weeds are edible plants and provides us with healthy leaves to add to a spring salad!

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I love the soft tones, faded and old colors and poetic atmosphere in the pictures below.

Succulente RoseQuartz & Serenity Pantone 2016 - 4chamomile_reverie_by_nataliadrepina-d7rhetf7ccbc05c5fe5c588e1f4a1660aa89da5


“If flowers can teach themselves to bloom after winter passes, so can you.” Noor Shirazie

I don’t own the rights on these pictures. They are collected on Pinterest.

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