Monthly inspiration November

” November comes

and November goes,

with the last red berries

and the first white snows.

with night coming early,

and dawn coming late,

and ice in the bucket

and frost by the gate.

the fires burn

and the kettles sing,

and earth sinks to rest

until next spring.”

     Clyde Watson

november tumblr_ne0rcyewvh1qj1ttwo1_500

november tumblr_n26imlw7tj1qbnqgmo1_400

flying_carneval_72_large schermafbeelding-2016-11-20-om-18-07-30

It’s unbelievable November is almost gone and we’re heading to the last month of this year. It was a month filled with days of gratitude; gradually filling my notebook with one thousand gifts. I try to write in it every day and to look for blessings in the smallest and even hard things. A month in which I had to learn to accept my limits and that tough days are part of life.

Let us, even on these gray November days, try to look for that little golden sparkle . . . a withered leaf, a lovely letter, the beauty of the everyday or an unexpected conversation. Let us go into winter with a thankful attitude so that the seed of gratefulness can grow in our hearts when spring arrives.

b197012a95d87189ab211064aeb89b53 schermafbeelding-2016-11-20-om-18-04-50


I don’t own the rights on these pictures. I’ve collected them on Pinterest.

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