Morning silence

Getting up very early, putting on my walking shoes and starting this day with an early morning walk in a quiet area, called Landschap de Liereman.

There is something absolutely overwhelming about walking in nature so early and only being surrounded by greenery and silence. It’s so calming and all my daily worries are fading away. As a hiker, one is temporarily relieved from the duty of efficiency and productivity and the constant time pressure we feel. This can already give us a relaxing feeling. One can be present and attentive to the beauty of nature and let the peacefulness take over. Slowly my senses are awakening and I’m merging in this beautiful and silent surrounding.

“I give thanks for arriving

safely in a new dawn,

for the gift of eyes

to see the world,

the gift of mind

to feel at home

in my life,

the waves of possibility

breaking on the shore of dawn.

The harvest of the past

that awaits my hunger,

and all the furtherings

this new day will bring.

‘On Waking’ by John O’Dononhue

The air is cold and crispy and mosquitoes are flying around me and they quiet liked my legs!!! I hadn’t thought of using my natural mosquito spray but I won’t forget it anymore next time! The sun is trying to get through the mist of dawn. Birds are singing and treating me on a harmonious orchestra. Signs of autumn are everywhere but still there is so much vivid green to enjoy.

“Silence is a sound here”, a chiseled in stone quote in this quiet area. I can only agree with it! There are only a few quiet areas in Belgium and it’s not so easy to find a place where there’s no noise made by humans to hear. I think we would all benefit if there would be more places like this where we can unwind, don’t you think so too?!



Vertraag je stap.

Stap trager dan je hartslag vraagt.



Verlangzaam je verlangen.

En verdwijn met mate.

Neem niet je tijd

En laat de tijd je nemen-


Gedicht van Leonard Nolens

After walking a long time through grassland, meadows and woods I came at the moorland where there was still some heather in bloom. Some weeks ago it must have been a mesmerizing sight!

Did you know that the word ‘heather’ actually is derived from the word ‘hather’ which is middle english and means an open land covered with heather and/ or moss. I really love the color combination of moss and heather! The independent nature of heather was honed in the highlands and moors of Scotland. No wonder it grew so sturdy! The name hather was later changed into the word heather for heath.

The symbolism of the heather plant is rich and steeped in history. Growing on the windy hills of Scotland, the white wild heather has become a symbol for protection. But my favourite color is this soft pink-purple one! The heather flower has anti-microbial properties, is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. So it’s just a wonderful flower in many ways isn’t it?!

It was really a perfect, pleasing and delightful day. It’s so uplifting to get out the daily routine and spend time in nature! I wished I could do this more… Do you also feel this way after a day of walking?

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