Musings on blossoming

The first blossoms are blooming… what a hopeful sight! Spring is slowly approaching and I’m so looking forward to it? You too?

Although it was far from a spring day when I photographed these blossoms. On the contrary, it was misty and had rained all night, it rather seemed like the perfect autumn day! Nevertheless the blossoms were blooming and I marvelled in their delicate and cheerful beauty.

There’s something absolutely magical about the first blossoms, don’t you think? One day, all I can see are tiny buds but within some days, the whole tree is covered in soft pink flowers, taking me into a floral wonderland.

It also made me still and grateful for all the beauty there is on this earth. Although it often seems there’s just too much injustice, pain and misery and beauty seems imperceptible. This can be too overwhelming sometimes, at least that’s how it is for me as a high-sensitive person. It’s always about finding a balance.

Spring is not a timid but a brave season. Those blossoms have to endure the wild wind, freezing cold and rain. They need courage in order to grow. I’m wondering in which parts of my life am I blossoming? Are we still growing and blooming? Is there an area in our lives where we need to cultivate a little bit of courage?

The worldwide corona pandemic with its consequences can make us feel like we don’t make a significant difference because we are all thrown back on ourselves, like we haven’t moved on, that we have come to a standstill. So many plans, ideas and dreams were cancelled or suspended. If we look back at the past year since the beginning of the first lockdown, we probably all wished it differently. I suppose we all imagined the last year would have been better and more fulfilling if this pandemic wouldn’t have thwarted our plans and ideas. But it’s through these tough times we grow and are able to blossom. It can teach us bravery. These blossoms are the radiant promise that things will be better … again … one day.

I would like to share the following words by Morgan Harper Nichols, who writes so beautifully about it.

There is more to you than yesterday

when you start to feel

like things should have been better this year,

remember the mountains and valleys that got you here.

They are not accidents

and those moments weren’t in vain.

You are not the same

you have grown and you are growing

you are breathing, you are living.

You are wrapped in endless boundless grace.

And things will get better.

There is more to you than yesterday.

I wish you a calm and thoughtful week and may you be surrounded by the stillness and beauty of early blossoms! I hope you can find a spot in nature to collect some blossoming branches to decorate your home with, as a reminder of hope, growth and courage!

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