Musings on creativity and beauty

I would like to share some thoughts on the need for beauty and creativity in our lives, as I believe they’re inseparably connected to each other. And I also believe they are both much needed in this world and yet not highly valued!

I don’t know how it is for you, but to get creative,


I need



and tranquility.

It feels like being creative is a place I need to go to in my head. And I can’t get there if too much real life gets in the way or when it’s too noisy.

So I step into our garden or go for a run in nature. Last week our garden was changed in a white fairytale wonderland as everything was covered with a delicate layer of icy lace.

This place, for me, is filled with beauty and is an invitation to creativity.

It all starts with getting in the now and enjoying this moment. Really noticing the beauty of the garden, inhaling the fresh cold air and feeling the soft rays of wintry sunlight on my face.

Creative living also requires the luxury of time- which we carve for ourselves. It is indeed a luxury, as in this busy, rushing world we have to decide to take time for ourselves.

We have to learn to allow ourselves to take the time to look at these small wonders of beauty around us. Surrounded by so many tokens of beauty, my head is becoming silent and is making room for creative ideas. Do you sometimes experience the same?

“Beauty does not linger; it only visits. Yet beauty’s visitation affects us and invites us into its rhythm; it calls us to feel, think and act beautifully in the world: to create and live a life that awakens the beautiful. A life without delight is only half a life.”

John O’Donohue

Being in nature, walking in the woods, climbing a mountain, closely observing a leaf, arranging a flower bouquet … it all helps to become a better observer of the natural world. Anything that helps to focus on what is beautiful and interesting in our daily life, when so much can feel repetitive and ordinary, is worthy our celebration and spending time at.

It can be the starting point for a creative process. It enables us to create something of our own and to add beauty to this world.

I would like to end with this freely translated quote of Joan Chittister, I recently read in a Dutch book.

“Beauty lifts up life out of the numbing clich├ęs of the ordinary. It gives us a reason to go on, to be, and for ranging beyond the mundane, for endeavouring ourselves always to become a better person. It creates a moment of reflection, so that we realise some things are worthy to be pursued and to be repeated until we reach the essence.”

I hope at the end of this year, you will be able to fill your days with beauty and that there will be time to get creative!

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