my ceramics in our home

Some of you might remember the ceramic tiles I’ve been working on. Well, in the meantime they are finished and my husband has placed them on our bathroom wall. He also made the cabinets and  the closets himself with recycled oak wood and I’ve added some fresh green plants. It has become a rustic and botanical bathroom now, just as we like it. We are very pleased with the result!

I thought you might like some pictures to see the ceramic details in our home…


These lamps are made of porcelain and when they are switched on, one can see the sublte imprint of one of my favourite wildflowers; queen anne’s lace. A special natural electricity wire and a branch found in nature makes the natural look complete!

No one will never fail to find the toilet in our house now, as the big porcelain letters show you the right door! These porcelain letters are decorated with the imprint of wild flowers and leaves. They’ve become a resting place for some butterflies and a perfect spot for this couple of birds.I know, again, green and botanical… but it’s so calming and natural to me.

The keyholes of some of our doors have tiny porcelain plates with a nesting place for some tiny animals. And one of the doorframes of our girls’bedroom has become the favourite place of this porcelain squirrel. This little natural hole in the wood just asked to do something with it!


The next project I will be working on is the interior of my new studio and guest room in the garden. The last years we’ve been building it ourselves (well, mostly my husband and I’m the assistant). It will soon be ready to be painted and decorated.  But that will be another blogpost for later!




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