New botanical work

The past months I’ve been working on botanical work for new bell jars. They’re finally all finished and properly photographed so I would like to share this recent work with you!

The first bell jar is all about the beauty of this one single flower “Dipsacus fullonum”.

“Summer meadow”, a vintage bell jar with typical summer wildflowers such as knapweed, buttercup, dandelion, tiny daisies, selfheal and narrow plantain.

“Blooming fall”, a bell jar with autumn plants and flowers such as blackberries, Kashmire sage, rosehip, echinacea and leaves.

“Seeds of abundance”, a bell jar filled with beautiful seedpods from poppies, plantain, corn-cockle, self-heal, knapweed and the cuckoo flower.

“White winter song”, tiny birds are singing their winter song while the snow has covered everything with a soft white carpet.

Small footprints of tiny birds in the snow…

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