New collection: Botanical stories (1)

I’ve launched my new collection “Botanical stories” lately on the ceramic market in Nismes. As promised I would show it to you too! Today it’s the first part of my Botanical Stories.

A wildflower chain made of tiny porcelain flowers in a glass tube filled with dried flower petals from my garden. One can use these flowers (5 different pair of flowers) to make your own jewellery or handmade decorations.

Little porcelain enveloppes with handmade cotton paper to write a sweet little note or poem on.

A tiny porcelain button with natural rope encloses the paper sheet.

A porcelain tag with the words “a little note for you” is tied around the enveloppe. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves to write, to calligraphy or beautiful written words on natural handmade paper.

A collection of botanical notebooks. These porcelain books are filled with different kind of paper, dried flowers, tiny envelopes, an old herbarium page and other surprises!

A floral hymn with forget-me-nots; a botanical wall decoration. A porcelain box with an imprinted outside, a dried forget-me-not, blue glazed flower heads and engraved drawings. A lovely box to add to a botanical decorated wall.

Detail of the dried forget-me-not, porcelain forget-me-not flowers and the engraved porcelain oval shape in the middle.

The flower imprint on the outside of the porcelain box.

New porcelain brooches inspired on these old oval shaped cameo brooches. A simple outside porcelain frame filled with delicate chain of porcelain flowers, softly colored in natural colors.

Another brooch with green colored botanical leaves and flowers engraved in the porcelain. Porcelain flowers and hanging leaves are added to the brooch.

New earrings made of porcelain flowers and leaves will make your outfit complete! These earrings perfectly match with the brooches.

All these items will soon be available in my shop.








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