New collection: botanical stories (2)

Today we continue with my new collection of botanical stories. I’ve been making new glass domes with tiny botanical scenes. They are made with fine porcelain and high fired to make them strong and look beautiful white. My husband made the oak socles. These miniature scenes are all inspired by the beauty of nature and my garden.

Enjoy a little round in an enchanting world of tiny flowers, birds, toadstools and butterflies…

Tiny toadstools growing on a mossy branch, the perfect resting place for little fairies!

A choir of birds in the trees. Who doesn’t like to listen to their happy songs in the morning or evening?

A blooming bulb in a spring garden. Can you see the tiny flowers popping out of a green carpet of moss?

These growing flowers need to be watered with a full watering can. Anybody out there to help?

A collection of different kind of mushrooms and dried flowers, as if we would be walking in the woods on an autumn day.

A remembrance of happy summer days! Dried poppy heads with flying butterflies and blooming flowers.

At the moment they are only for sale at the ceramic markets I’m participating. But if you live abroad and would like to order one, just sent me an email at





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