new friends in our garden

We have a cute couple of new inhabitants in our garden. They fit in this box on my bike… a little guess?!?!?

Some days ago we finally bought chickens! The girls could each choose a chicken they like so now we have a brown and a black one in the new chicken coop. Our feathery ladies like their new home I think, we see them scratching around and making cosy sounds.

I proudly present this tiny house (made by my handy husband with recycled materials) in our garden, which will soon be surrounded by green leaves of the willows that are part of the fencing.

This is Miss Lucky, the chicken our eldest daughter has chosen.

And this is Flensje (little pancake), the chicken of our youngest.

They are always together, looking for a yummy meal. Our youngest daughter enjoyed feeding them a lot of earthworms while I was working in the garden lately. It’s always a good thing to have many earthworms in the garden as they make the soil airy and rich. But I’m prepared to share them with these lovely ladies!

And now it’s waiting until they will lay eggs… They will for sure be used for pancakes we all love so much! Chickens who provide us daily with fresh eggs is another step forward to live a self-sufficient and natural life which makes me thankful!




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