New jewellery

It’s a lovely summer’s day here in Belgium! I hope you are enjoying summer too! At the moment our garden is filled with flowers, colors and tiny creatures and so is my new collection of jewellery.

A porcelain brooch and lovely earrings with vivid coloured leaves, flowers and tiny beetles
Happy summer earrings with happy colored little beetles
Detail of the brooch

As you might have read in my previous blogpost, my favourite color at the moment is pink in all its shades. Of course this is also visible in this new collection!

Romantic earrings with porcelain flowers, leaves and tiny beetles
Porcelain earrings in bright and summery colors
Roses, flowers and roses!
Porcelain earrings with 3 kind of flowers and green leaves
A bouquet of roses with a string of leaves in green shades
These tiny beetles are on their way to the vivd red flowers
A pair of earrings with blue, purple and green hues and a tiny blue beetle

On summer evenings you can hear and see the birds flying high in the sky, singing the most beautiful songs. Maybe these porcelain birds will sing a their sweet song in your ear when wearing these earrings!

Ear studs with heavenly blue birds
A detail of a porcelain brooch with a blue bird and lovely flowers
Another pair of earrings with purple and pink colored birds

Even in summer tiny mushrooms grow in the grass. These are colored in fresh green hues and are combined with vivid green leaves.

Detail of the mushroom brooch
A pair of tiny mushroom earrings
A selection of earrings in white and green, for a more natural look

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