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Our strawberry flowers are blooming abundantly and we’re really looking forward to the first sweet strawberry, ripened by the warmth of the sun. In the meantime I made these ones in porcelain. They are part of my new jewellery collection for Botanical Stories. This new jewellery will surely add a spring-like touch to every natural outfit!

Tiny strawberry flowers with fresh green leaves and a lovely red colored strawberry. All made by hand with pure porcelain, colored with stains, glazed and put together with silver jewellery parts. Ready for you to wear and enjoy!

A matching porcelain brooch with delicious strawberries, tiny flowers and leaves. Because of the open shape, it’s a subtle brooch to brighten up a linnen scarf, cotton blouse or light summer dress!

A little detail of these delicious strawberries.

Of course I can’t forget to add the forget-me-not flowers to this new botanical jewellery collection. So here they are! They are in full bloom right now in our garden.

new jewellery botanical stories

A porcelain brooch with a tiny wreath of the loveliest blue forget-me-nots.

Shades of blue and purple-blue; the heavenly blue hues of these small forget-me-not flowers.

The earrings and brooch make a perfect match!

Lovely porcelain flowers in different shades of blue and white on these earrings. They make a wonderful little bouquet of everlasting flowers!

A garden wouldn’t be complete without the small creatures. Most of them I like but there are some I’d rather don’t want to see … nibbling on all the fresh green leaves of new sprouted veggies. But they look absolutely adorable and cute when made in porcelain. Tiny and elegant with pastel colors, they are kindly on their way to a fairytale garden (and ignoring the fresh leaves in my garden!).

A porcelain brooch in soft and romantic colored flowers, leaves and a tiny snail with green dots.

A pair of earrings with soft pink flowers, fresh green leaves and happy snails.

This new collection will be for sale on my next market at the end of June, in Maaseik.



A little selection of my new and some older jewellery is at the moment for sale at ’t Schoon Gerief in Landen. If you’re still looking for a mother’s day gift, you can pop in and take a look at the new jewellery and all the lovely sustainable products she sells in her beautiful shop!

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