new jewelry

As you might know I’ve presented my new jewelry last weekend on a winter market. But I would like to share my new creations with you too!

From now on I only use sterling silver for the earrings. It’s more expensive but it’s made of very high quality. It will last longer and it looks more beautiful.

And yes, I know the pictures might look like winter is already gone and spring has arrived. But I can assure you, it’s not! We have a lovely scented viburnum in our garden with it’s tiny rosy flowers. And some other small flowers from summer are still blooming, such as a shepherd’s purse and yellow field scabious.

p1420900 p1420928 p1410606 p1410565 p1410943p1410868 p1430058 p1410807 p1420793 p1420002 p1410974

p1430007 p1420994


If you would like to see more jewelry, please pop in my Etsy shop and on Markita.

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