new jewelry

I’ve made new porcelain jewelry. My inspiration was the amazing variety of flowers. Not every flower is easily made in porcelain so I had to experiment and make a selection. On the following pictures you can see hydrangeas, orchids and tiny roses. They are colored in soft pastel colors.

z21 v5 q12 b12

rb1 rb3 oorhangersblad P1380081

q2 re3


P1380745 P1380756

A collection of new porcelain books is also ready. Unique books filled with colored and vintage paper, dried flowers and little envelopes to collect tiny treasures. These pages are waiting to be written on with beautiful words and memories…

P1380618 P1380726 P1380465 P1380469

It was delightful to photograph them and using flowers from our garden. Sometimes it even looks like a painting, don’t you think?

P1380534 P1380560 P1380549 P1380595

The new jewelry is available in my Etsy shop. In the coming weeks I will add some more!

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