new sculptures

As I promised you, here are the pictures of my new sculptures. I hope you’ll like them! My favourite is the first one, she’s called ‘Among the autumn leaves’.

Another sculpture, inspired by all the butterflies in our garden, is called ‘Catching butterflies’.  This lady would definitely finds lots of other butterflies if she would wander in our garden during this summer.

One can never pick too many flowers! This lady is called ‘Dancing in the flower meadow’. She knows for sure how to be happy with a string of flowers!

‘Fly away’ is the title for this sculpture that’s on the move to be free. From being a caged bird, she’s now taking wing to set her own course.

This sculpture is called  ‘A safe nesting place’ as she offers a hiding place for these tiny birds. There’s plenty of room under her coat and she will take care of them on her journey.

I’m curious to know what’s your favourite sculpture…

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