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Tiny porcelain wildflowers in little glass jars makes a beautiful composition, light and fragile like a lovely Spring day!

I’ve made a new collection for my Botanical Stories. In this blogpost you’ll discover miniature wildflowers made with pure porcelain, combined with vintage botanical illustrations. I hope you will get lost for a little while in this wonderful white world of wildflowers I’ve created!


A little daisy, a happy buttercup, a blooming hawthorn, a fragile cuckoo-flower and a pretty blue flax flower.

Every little glass jar contains a tiny porcelain flower and coloured botanical illustration inside. On top there is a handmade porcelain lid with a bigger flower and the latin name of the flower imprinted.

A cuckoo-flower.

On the outside you can also see the botanical illustration. A tiny porcelain flower button is tied with natural rope around the glass jar.

These lovely daisies are so easily overlooked when walking on the grass but I really love their shape and softly rose tinted flower petals.

Spring flowers are blooming, not only in nature right now, but for ever in these botanical glass jars!

A little detail of the blooming hawthorn in porcelain and in real.

This is another part of the new collection. I came across old watch boxes on flea markets and immediately fell in love with them. I knew for sure I wanted to create something special within the boxes. They still have the original glass and such a beautiful old patina.

They now have become a tiny herbarium of porcelain wildflowers!

Tiny daisies are made with porcelain and have a vivid yellow heart. They are part of the botanical illustration as I’ve been making them according to the original illustration.

The lovely forget-me-not flower in a heavenly blue color.

Who can resist the violets with their deep purple hues and delicate hearts?

Inspiration from my veggie garden; tiny blooming purslane leaves.

A unique collection of botanical treasures with tiny porcelain wildflowers in vintage watch boxes.

Daisies, buttercups and green leaves are all around us now on these Spring days!

Some of these botanical curiosities will be for sale in my Etsy shop next week!

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