New work

I would like to share some new work for my Botanical Stories. It took some time to have these frameworks finally finished. The old frames needed to be repaired (thanks to my handy husband!), the porcelain flowers put together inside and in the end everything got a layer of antique gold paint.

Inside this framework I’ve made a wild buttercup, “Ranunculus repens”. The latin name is imprinted in a small porcelain label.

This small framework contains “Parnassia palustris”, a tiny white flower in different stages of blooming.

I’ve also made some new porcelain creations in different kind of glass jars.

A forest of mushrooms or “Fungi Forest”. The smallest of mushrooms are growing in soft carpet of moss.

A sweet remembrance of the very first signs of spring… a pure white and delicate snowdrop in porcelain.

Plantain or “Plantago lanceolata”, a low growing herb with many medicinal uses.

Small violets “Viola tricolor” are growing abundantly in this glass jar with cork.

At last, a lovely clover “Trifolium repens” in a small apothecary bottle.

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