New work

Dandelions have been blooming and are spreading their sees like tiny parachutes on the wind. Nowadays the boarders of the fields are filled with red poppies and withered shepherd’s purse! Inspired by all these beautiful wildflowers, I’ve been making a few new domes.

This glass dome is filled with dandelions in all its different stages. You only need your imagination to blow away the seeds… and make a wish!

This one is a very small glass dome filled with delicate poppies. You can watch them grow from bud to papery flower into seedpod.

The pedestals are handmade by my husband from recycled old oak wood. They have a beautiful patina that match perfectly with the pure white porcelain.

I’ve finally found my way to social media and from now on you can follow me on Instagram if you would like to. I’m looking forward to “meet” you there!

Normally these glass domes would be for sale at the ceramic markets I’m participating. Unfortunately they are all cancelled due to Covid-19. If you would like to buy a piece, you can always contact me for a visit in my studio.

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