New work

I would like to present you some new glass domes filled with a porcelain natural world…

Whether I’m looking at a dried seedpod or a tiny wildflower, natural forms and shapes delight me. It’s the small details of nature and especially flowers that inspire me as you’ll discover in these glass domes.

I don’t know how it is for you but I often feel as everything in our lives is often so fast-paced, instantaneous and immediate that we fly through days, weeks and even years without the opportunity to stop and take a breath.

Surrounding ourselves with flowers reaffirms presence- who we are and the world we are so fortunate to live in. Flowers remind us to live in the moment; they are temporary, but by embracing them in our lives we get to enjoy the beauty of their transience.

I couldn’t live without flowers and really need them to be part of my daily life. Whether it’s by sowing them, using them into a bouquet, drinking tea of flower petals or creating them in porcelain. Every day I learn more about them and how wonderful and divers they are. I hope these glass domes will invite you to take a closer look at nature…

and be surprised

and feel the wonder for its beauty!

Summer seedpods

Wildflower Garden

Daisies in the field

Little woodland

A tiny forest

Some of these glass domes will be exhibited next month at the museum of Dordrecht during the exhibition “Diepgeworteld” (Deeply rooted). More information is coming soon!

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