New work

Most of my new pieces are ready for the upcoming markets, which can happily take place! So I would like to give you already a little sneak peek of some of my newest work …

These glass treasure boxes are filled with moss, made in porcelain. I’ve been doing some research to these wonderful species and enlarged them in porcelain. It’s amazing how complicated and refined these tiny “plants” are!

The largest treasure box holds the moss specimen called ‘Fissidens bryoides’.

The middle sized box shows ‘Tortula muralis’.

The smallest box displays ‘Pottia truncata’. This is quite a miniature kind of porcelain moss!

There are also new glass test tubes available with porcelain wildflowers.

The following flowers are captured in these glass test tubes; Centaurea cyanes, Lysimachia nummularia and Jasione laevis.

I’ve also created a little collection of natural greeting cards. I love writing (and receiving) cards and I think it’s something we don’t do that often as it’s more convenient to communicate via email or text message these days. But it’s just so heartwarming to write a personal message to a dear one, isn’t it?! I hope these cards are a helpful way to encourage the lost art of letter writing!

Every card set consists of a printed Irish blessing on chalk paper and wrapped around handmade paper with a natural rope and a porcelain label. The matching envelope has a gold printed chalk wrap with a porcelain imprinted button.

These one-of-a-kind card sets are available in 3 different designs.

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