New work

It’s time for another blogpost! The last weeks I’ve been working hard to make new work for the upcoming market in Oldenburg (Germany) and I had little time to write a new blogpost. But on this rainy day while my work is firing, I finally made time to show you some of my recent work.

The first new glass dome is called ‘Spring blooms’, inspired by the beauty of spring. Suddenly spring has arrived! almost overnight everything seems to turn bare to verdant: green shoots flare into full leaf and everywhere you look new life is popping up. It’s a season of hope and growth!

Snowdrops, fritillary and mascara are showing off their delicate beauty. And the tiny liver flowers lighten the world with their bright yellow petals!

This big glass dome, titled ‘English meadow’ is all about how a walk across the English meadow can reveal many wonderful surprises. Of course this goes up for any meadow filled with flowers. Just walk softly through the velvet grass and look carefully and you’ll be surprised by its beauty and diversity!

You’ll notice quaking grass and daisies waving in the wind, a solitary bee orchid, delicate primroses, fritillary and the funny pasqueflower.

Another bigger work is this ‘Fairytale Garden’, inspired by the beauty of Irish wildflowers.

Hawthorn, bluebells, ferns, shamrock, helleborine and foxgloves are the main characters in this fairytale garden.

These typical wildflowers of the Emerald Isle are most suitable to tell an enchanting story don’t you think?!

This new work ‘Mushroom Forest’ is an ode to the treasures found in the forest.

Deeply hidden in the green woods, on a soft carpet of moss, mushrooms are growing. In all possible sizes and shapes; they become a tiny forest on their own.

This toadstool has become the safe hiding place of a tiny squirrel!

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