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As this first month of the year is slowly coming to a close, I would like to add some beauty on those dark and wintry days. Although I’ve already seen the first snowdrops, the days can still feel gloomy and heavy. Especially now during another lockdown and corona deathly going around in the world. I believe we could all do with a dose of joy and beauty at odd times, isn’t it?!

I hope these new notebooks and herbarium can help you along the way to add some beauty to your daily life and being surrounded by the beauty and calmness of nature.. Collecting dried flowers or writing beautiful poems or quotes in a notebook will make you forget what’s going on in the world for a while as you are creating your own piece of art.

We are all longing for Spring days to come, isn’t it?! When life might feel a little lighter, when there’s color again in our gardens and nature, when we can feel the warmth of the sun again.

This porcelain herbarium can be filled with your own dried flowers and plants. You can add as much pages as you like and make a beautiful collection to remember those special places in nature you’ve been. It includes 4 empty pages to be used as an example.

It’s the perfect time to start a herbarium at the beginning of the year so you can collect flowers the coming year. The first flowers are blooming now! Snowdrops are quite enchanting once they’re dried and mark the beginning of early spring.

At the end of the year you can look back on a collection of pages with beautiful and imperishable dried flowers!

The porcelain covers have imprinted wild flowers and leaves, colored by hand in shades of green and some subtle pink colors. The little frame with the words “My herbarium” is glazed. The covers are left unglazed but are sanded for a soft feeling.

Here’s another herbarium-notebook although this one is already filled with beautiful pages and handbound. The cover has a delicate imprint of robert’s herb colored in soft green and pink hues.

At the bottom of the title page you can fill in your name and the year when you made the herbarium.

This herbarium notebook includes 40 pages of beautiful paper, vintage herbarium prints, dried flowers, little envelopes with dried grasses and flowers, botanical tape and stickers, …

The last notebook is titled “A secret garden fairytale”. Lovely flowers, ferns and more fairylike flowers are imprinted on this cover, telling a wordless story of a secret garden…

This porcelain notebook is handbound and filled with 44 pages of beautiful unique paper such as handmade paper, floral paper, chalk paper, fairylike and flowery prints, tiny envelopes, stickers and dried flowers. Let’s take a closer look…

Of course there’s plenty of room and white pages for your own words, thoughts, stories, treasures, memories, poems or quotes or whatever you would like to use this unique notebook for!

All lovely fairytales come to an end…

These notebooks and herbarium are now available in my Etsy shop with worldwide shipping.

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