new work Botanical Stories

As I promised a while ago I would show you my new porcelain creations. They are part of the Botanical Stories Collection. So here they are…

I’ve been making miniature porcelain flowers, leaves, birds, mushrooms and even a very tiny snail. They are combined with nature finds in a glass test tubes, together they tell an enchanting botanical story. Let’s take a closer look…

A “Poppy garden” with dried poppy heads and porcelain flower petals and leaves. “Million dreams”  is filled with dandelion seeds and a porcelain dandelion flower head. A string of softly green leaves is hanging down from this lamp-like acorn in “Autumn leaves”.

This tiny porcelain snail with real snail house is teaching us how to have “Slow days”.  In “Secrets of the forest” we see small mushrooms with a tree of moss.

Delicate flowers grow in these acorn seed heads,  the “Blooming buds” make a perfect pair of lovely flowers.



“Our hiding place” is the cozy nest  of 2 lovebirds in a dried wild carrot flower.

I also made new creations for the bigger glass bells. This one is filled with dried blue thistles from my garden. They are a lovely place for all kind of lovely butterflies. This bell is called “Midnight blue”.

Welcome to my “Secret garden” , a glass bell with many dried flowers and all kind of porcelain flowers, in every shape one can imagine!

A selection of my new products for the Botanical Stories collection of this year.

All things Autumn; mushrooms, toadstools, moss and fallen leaves. What do we need more on this grey Autumn day?!


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