New work for Botanical Stories

Surrounded by a blooming garden and wild nature, I’ve tried to capture its beauty in porcelain. Under these glass domes with miniature porcelain wild flowers, plants and mushrooms one can take a closer look to the amazing details of nature.

All the flowers, stems and details are hand modelled in porcelain. Porcelain’s preciousness, fragility, strength and fineness lends itself perfectly for these natural forms I make. It’s also the most difficult clay as it shrimps and has a memory. This means it can deform and crack during the firing. But I really enjoy working with porcelain!

The biggest glass dome measures 22 cm in height. Just so you have an idea of the size… the porcelain flowers are really small!

An often overlooked common wildflower… shepherd’s purse (cappella bursa-pastoris). It’s a lovely flower with heart-shaped leaves.

Cappella bursa-pastors

Wildflower gardens

Detail of porcelain blooming wildflowers of the right glass dome.

Detail of the smaller glass dome.

The wooden pedestals are made from recycled oak by my husband. All the pedestals have a different and unique weathered look, which perfectly combines with the pure porcelain.

Small porcelain toadstools growing together. Did you know there is a specie called ‘porcelain mushroom’?

Mushroom forest

Detail of the porcelain mushrooms.

A combination of my recent botanical work; glass domes, herbarium labels, tiny glass jars with porcelain flowers and metal watchmaker tins with a herbarium illustration and corresponding porcelain flower.

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