new work for Botanical Stories

One of the things I love to do on a free day out with my husband is wandering at flea markets, on the look out for old treasures and objects we can recycle or repurpose in our home and garden. And afterwards we go to a nice spot to enjoy a fresh lunch together. There are times we come home with empty hands but on other days our backpacks are filled with unique objects.

I love the idea that all these old objects have a history. They have a story to tell. Just like these old watches I found one day…

Once the clockwork was removed, there was space for my porcelain creations. Instead of watching the time goes by, we’d rather marvel in the beauty of nature as this sets us back in a slow and natural pace. Spending time in nature, slows us down and makes us forget time. And isn’t this what we all need sometimes in this hectic world we’re living in?

A detail of this little story of a miniature woodland where mushrooms grow, surrounded by greenery and moss.

My new collection of old watches with porcelain miniature gardens and flowers inside.

A blooming flower with delicate layered petals is the heart of this watch.

Leaves, ferns and moss have become the new clock work in this old, richly decorated watch.

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