New work

I would like to share some new work I made during the past months. Some of you might already have seen it on the ceramic markets but I want to share it here too.

These handmade golden frames are filled with pages from an antique photo album. A treasure I found on a flea market. It’s quite a unique find as the pages are beautifully illustrated with delicate botanical drawings. They perfectly match with the work I make so I wanted to combine them in unique pieces. Here you can see the result…

These 2 frames contain typical Irish flowers and plants. Every flower has a paper label with its corresponding latin name.

In the first frame you’ll find digitalis, clover and ivy.

In the second one you’ll discover hawthorn, large-flowered butterwort and bluebell.

These unique pieces are still for sale and can be shipped worldwide. If you are interested, feel free to send me an e-mail at for more information.

The following frames (already sold) are titled “Postcards from the woods and the garden”.

“Postcards from the woods” is telling little stories about the treasures I found on my walks in the woods.

Postcard from the woods I “Forest treasures of abundance” shows the beautiful gifts the woods offers us. Various shaped leaves, carpets of moss, fairylike mushrooms and sweet wild blackberries.

Postcard from the woods II “Mushroom Forest”; it displays all kind of mushrooms and some ferns on a soft carpet of moss.

The second frame “Postcards from the garden” is inspired by the blooming flowers in spring and summer in my garden.

Postcards from the garden I “Spring Waltz” shows typical spring flowers such as grape hyacinth, lilac flowers, daffodil, tulip and hellebore.

Postcard from the garden II “Summer Florals” is filled with blooming summer flowers like peony, dahlia, hortensia flowers, lily and roses.

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