November gifts

November is slowly passing by and once it’s December, we’re already into the last month of this year, can you believe it? November is also the month in which Thanksgiving is celebrated. Although it might not be really celebrated here in Europe, for me it’s important to live a life filled with thankfulness and let every day be a day of Thanksgiving. That’s why I would love to share some gifts of this month.

I went for a walk this morning and autumn was still very much visible. But as the wind is blowing and leaves are whirling around, the silhouettes of the trees are getting more clearly. And I know, winter is on its way.

Buds… they are the promise spring will come again. It always amazes me how plants after an abundant growth also prepare the buds for the coming year. With these visible signs of a spring promise in mind, it can help us to go through these dark winter days ahead.

I’m grateful for the beautiful nature I’m surrounded by and the ability to go outside to make these delightful walks, so close to our home.

Berries … they contain all the good stuff and vitamins we need in winter.

I’m grateful for the abundance of food found in nature and how it’s created to provide everything our bodies need in that specific season.

Seedpods… they are for free and will provide us flowers and food next year. They are available in such an abundance for anyone who collects them.

I’m grateful for these honesty seedpods from my garden. Taking the seeds out is a very slow job but it makes me wonder how delicate and yet strong this seedpod is. What remains now is a perfect light and natural decoration to make a cozy home the coming dark months.

Falling leaves… who can count them these days?! How sweet is the sound of the blowing wind and rattling leaves. These ┬áleaves are falling down like golden snowflakes.

I’m grateful for the most colourful crispy carpets they make for me to walk on.

Textures… soft, velvety, rough, green, white and tiny. Lichen and moss have amazing patterns and shapes, and astonishing shades of green. I never get tired of looking at them. They are perfect pieces of art! And isn’t it amazing how these mushrooms grow on wooden branches, and become part of it.

I’m so grateful for the diversity in nature and the inspiration it gives me for my work.

Branches… going home with branches overgrown with moss. I’ll dry them to use for new botanical works.

I’m grateful for new ideas and inspiration. For the possibility of combining porcelain and natural treasuries.

The garden… still provides tiny bits of food. Unfortunately my purple Brussels sprouts, kale and palm cabbage have plagues of white flies and grey louse and can’t be eaten anymore. But we finally tasted the first figs. I never thought it would be possible to enjoy their sweet taste in November!

I’m grateful for the delicacies from our garden and the joy it brings me to watch them growing.

I’m grateful for the marigolds that are still blooming and make the garden a happy place. These colourful chard will be on our dishes for dinner tonight.

Provision… harvesting and conserving all the fresh food from the garden. It’s hard work but so very rewarding! Seeing all the jars of honey of our hardworking bees and colourful homemade teas in the cupboard makes me very grateful. Jars of apple compote with cinnamon, bottles with the sirup of super healthy blackberries, jars filled with pears in spicy wine, the last tomatoes and kilos of walnuts.

For all those who celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of the month, I wish you a blessed and cosy evening with your beloved ones!

May your days be filled with countless gifts, small or big,  to be grateful for!

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