October autumn days

October… it’s all about autumn, falling leaves, fading colors, coziness, candlelight, warmth and harvest. I hope you are all doing well and ready for this new season!

“Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.”


Loving the ordinary… how beautiful and yet how difficult! How often don’t we just pass the common beauties around us. Like this leaf for example. It was lying there in the grass, covered with pearls of dew. One could easily pass by without noticing but taking it up and looking closely at the colors and textures, fills one with joy and wonder!

Autumn is the perfect time to spend outside and be on the look out for its hidden treasures. A basket full of brown coloured leaves, seedpods, nuts and so much more. When autumn is here, I always feel the need to make our home cozy, don’t you?

I’ve been making a mobile with all these treasures. It’s now hanging and swinging above our table and really adds a cozy autumn feeling.

In my studio I’ve also done some changes to prepare it for the coming colder season. The stove is cleaned and ready to fire, a scented candle, a bouquet of colored leaves and dried flowers and other autumn finds are making a seasonal still life on my desk.

And mushrooms everywhere! I love these small (and sometimes bigger) miracles of nature! One moment there’s nothing to be seen and the next time I look they’re popping up and gladden me with their delicate and transient presence. Probably that’s why they often show up in the works I make!

This handmade porcelain bowl is filled with tiny treasures and under the glass dome a bird’s nest is filled with little porcelain mushrooms. Nature is an everlasting source of inspiration, don’t you think?!

Even though the days are getting shorter and colder, there’s still much happening in the garden! Happily we have had a lot of rain after a dry late summer so the veggie garden looks vivid and green.

These days I’m harvesting zucchini, palm cabbage, turnips, carrots, red beets, lettuce, chard, kohlrabi and green beans. It’s always a pleasure to cook with homegrown veggies and preparing them into dinner. It gives me so much joy to finally eat a veggie what was only a tiny seed in the beginning.

And tomatoes … this week I’ve picked the last ripe tomatoes. The rest will have to ripen inside and I will slowly watch them changing color, from green into shades of red and yellow.

The flower borders are also welcoming autumn as they dress up with the most lovely warm colored hues! Especially when the sun is shining it looks like a happy and abundant party!

The view I have from my studio on the back of our garden is still beautiful and slowly changing every day.

Blooming japanese anemones, pink persicaria and verbena against at a background of dried flowers and grasses. It could almost be the color palette of a painter (or a ceramicist)!

I hope you will enjoy every bit of autumn and be on the look out for tiny treasures!

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