October days

October is the real Autumn month, don’t you think? It’s the time for transformation. Crips and clear days mark summer’s close and usher in a new season. This season is filled with rich earthly scents, an abundant harvest from the garden and a vivid warm color palette. Leaves flaming red and gold by day, bonfires and candlelight lighting up the lengthening nights. There is abundance, as humans and animals makes store for the winter. And there is decay, which gives rise to the cycle of life. How wonderful is this season!

How can we make the most of these glorious Autumn days? Here are some typical Autumn activities that I like to do during this season. It helps me to slow down and attentive enjoy these fall days.

Going on a foraging walk or harvesting in the garden. I ended up with this row of orange pumpkins. Which means we will enjoy lots of pumpkin soup and cake the coming months. They’re catching the last sunshine before I store them in the cellar.

Picking apples and baking an apple pie or cake with cinnamon. Together with a cup of hot chocolate it feels like a luxurious Autumn treat! ¬†These blushing apples in our garden are ready to eat but we also have an apple variety that suits perfectly for apple compote. I’m planning to finally make apple compote and quince jam this week.

Our “tiny” apple tree with its hanging branches, heavy loaded with apples.

Getting outside for nature walks and enjoying the rich changing colors. 

One of the last “Evening sun” sunflowers in our garden. She looks perfect and radiant, even if she misses some petals.

The shiny red berries of the guelder rose. Birds love these berries best when it has frozen. Which hasn’t happened yet, so we can still enjoy their bright red colors against autumn colored leaves.

Guessing who has nibbled on this deeply red autumn leaf…

The sun makes every detail visible. One can even see the tiny cells of this dried yellow leaf, hanging like a cloth on a washing line of a dried flower.

Warm sunlight through the golden leaves of this hazelnut tree.

Stocking up some books for the longer evenings. I love to make myself a good cup of herbal tea and cuddle up to get lost in another world. These are some books I’m currently reading, beside the newly published novels I ordered in the library.

I enjoyed the recipes of Krautkopf in their vegetarian cookbook. Miss Violet’s Doll house is an enchanting book for everyone who loves miniature. Another book tells about women with green fingers and their garden during history. Present over perfect is a profound and enriching book about how to live well in this rushing and need-to-be-perfect- world.

And of course a book with recipes for making one’s own herbal teas.

Decorating the home with natural items found on nature walks. Or you can make a garland with leaves or a seasonal wreath. I made a flower bouquet with dried flowers from the garden, seedpods and the last sunflowers.

I hope you may all have peaceful and warm Autumn days, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and filled with wonder about the changes you notice.

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