On my work table

I’m enjoying the moments I can work in my studio as I can look out on our garden and discover new blooming flowers everyday. These spring-before-summer-days are really the best ones!

These days I’m slowly working on the last pieces before firing. It always takes me some months before my kiln is completely filled, especially with all these tiny pieces.

This is a porcelain nettle, a well-known dye plant. It will be part of a new theme for one of my bigger glass domes.

This plant, sorrel, is also a dye plant. It was quite difficult to make the small and delicate flower stems!

This yellow chamomile is another dye plant I’ve been making.

Here are some more flowers in porcelain for other botanical projects I hope to finish once they are fired. It’s a delicate process to dry them properly and place them into the oven without breaking.

I always try to have a flower bouquet on my work table in my studio. Just because I like to bring the seasons inside but also as inspiration for the flowers I make in porcelain.

Beside studying the shapes of flowers in botanical books, observing a real flower is the best way to find out how every piece looks.

This dog rose (Rosa canina) was fired last time and will be put into an old golden frame, together with other pink coloured flowers.

Real flowers and porcelain flowers, they look so lovely together, don’t you think so?

A tiny porcelain seedpod, the corn-cockle. They are in full bloom now in the garden but I had saved some seedpods of last year in this tiny vase to decorate my studio.

Tiny, tinier, tiniest… very small pieces to place in tiny glass boxes.

A porcelain miniature forest with ferns, leaves, moss and small blooming flowers for one of my new Botanical Stories.

I’ve also worked on a custom order. This was such a lovely order as it was a combination of everything I love: porcelain, books and flowers! I had to make different covers for 3 herbarium books.

And a last thing I’ve been working on is a new plate with our house number. This was quite fun to work on and I hope the result will be what I had in mind!

And now it’s waiting until everything is fired, glazed and fired again…

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