on my worktable

The garden has lost most of its colours and flowers. Their leaves and petals are covering the ground. I’m on the look out for the last green leaves I want to use in my work. I didn’t thought I would find much interesting shaped leaves but happily I did. I was quite surprised to notice how many plants still remain green, even in December!

Although I was looking for green plants to imprint in the clay, I also collected some dried flowers. They have such wonderful and fascinating silhouettes which can perfectly be used to press in the soft clay.

I’m preparing the workshops for next year and these are some try outs. I’ll just have to wait how it turns out after firing!

This bowl with mushrooms is also something I would like to integrate in one of the coming workshops.

As 2020 is approaching, I also have been creating new jewellery. Not completely new, but a continuation of my collection of last year.

When I look out of my windows I’m always surprised by the amount of birds that visit our bird feeder and the fat balls in the trees. Some tomtits are really acrobats! And it seems I’m quite inspired by these lovely tiny birds as I’ve made several bird earrings!

They are coloured in shades of forest green, heavenly blue and some lucky white ones will get golden dots.

A mix of green and white porcelain jewellery parts before firing. They are still very fragile at this point in the process.

Today the sun lightened my studio and made lovely shadows on my worktable.

I’m creating new glass domes and therefore I’ve collected seedpods from the garden to make a first composition. I also did some research for possible other seedpods to become part of a new glass dome.

Mushrooms, a delicate flower and ferns will be part of an autumn glass dome. I often have to attempt several times before I’m pleased with the porcelain shape of a flower or plant.

It’s really a close and interesting study of nature and how plants are composed. But it’s the necessary base before I can make them in porcelain.

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