on my working table

While the days are getting shorter and the grey sky is filled with rain, I’m working in my cosy studio. Working on new jewelry, enjoying the soft feeling of porcelain, accompagnied by a cup of warm tea and home baked peppernuts nuts (tiny spicy biscuits). I love the smell of the spicy “speculaas” spices in our home! I couldn’t find a proper translation for these specific spices. I suppose it’s typical Belgian and we really love these “speculaas” cookies, especially this time of year!


It’s sometimes hard to create new jewelry and inspiration doesn’t come easily. And some ideas just don’t work out when I try to make it in porcelain. But happily the clay is patient and I can always start all over again.

Making porcelain rings is a slow and delicate process. However I like the calm and repetitive movements to make the rings soft and smooth.In the meanwhile I’m thinking about how to decorate them.

p1410349 p1410396 p1410402 p1410415 p1410381

Next week I will fire the work I’ve been working on the last months. I’ve already colored most of the jewelry. As you might see there are a lot of new earrings in the making. I’m looking forward to see the results soon… and maybe you too?!

Especially on grey days I like using colors to add some joyful luster to these gloomy days. Making my own colors and mixing them into a beautiful palette is one of the favorite parts of my work as ceramicist.

p1410377 p1410372

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